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We currently use the following codes:


NC State Building Code - Building, 2012

NC State Building Code - Residential, 2012

NC State Building Code - Plumbing, 2012

NC State Building Code - Mechanical, 2012

National Electrical Code - NEC 2014

NC State Building Code - Fire Prevention, 2012

NC State Building Code - Administrative Code and Policies, 2012

American National Standarad "Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities," 2003

State of NC - Regulations for Manufactured Homes, 2004


We do not have these code books for you to purchase, but you are welcome to come in and talk to an inspector or look through our books.


Once you have an assigned building inspector, it is best to talk with him as he will know you, your site, and your project, and can best answer your questions or concerns. Until that time and for general code questions, please call or e-mail us at permits@rutherfordcountync.gov. Please be sure to reference your permit number if you have one assigned.