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I am adding a porch or deck to my residence.  Do I need a permit?  

Structural additions to a porch/deck do require a permit; however, if you are only replacing floor boards, etc., you may not need a permit.  However, call the office and talk to a building inspector if you are unsure. Totally new porches/decks--regardless of size--require a permit.

I am building a storage building. Do I need a permit?

If your residential accessory building is GREATER than 12 feet in any dimension, then you will need a building permit.  There must be a residence on the same parcel as the building for it to be termed an "accessory building."  Any building--regardless of size or use--must be permitted if there is no residence on the property.

I am building a carport or buying a metal carport. Do I need a permit?

Yes - if you are setting up a pre-fabricated metal carport or if you are building a carport, you will need a building permit.

I am putting in a swimming pool. Do I need a permit?

Yes - you will need a building permit for any swimming pool--whether in-ground or above-ground-- and an electrical permit to run the appliances necessary to clean the pool or to have lights. Code now requires a barrier (fence) around the pool.

I am putting up a sign for my business. Do I need a permit?

Yes--you will need a building permit for your sign and an electrical permit if it is lighted.

I am tearing down an old house before starting my new one. Do I need a permit?

Yes--you will need a permit to demolish your old building. We also require a $500 deposit to be left with our office. Once the site is inspected and found to be completely clean, your deposit will be returned.

I am setting up a mobile home. Do I need a permit?

Yes--a single wide mobile home permit will cost $150, a double wide or triple-wide mobile home permit will cost $175. This includes inspection of the set-up, plumbing connections, electrical connections, and installation of heat system.

Do I have to underpin my mobile home to pass an inspection?

No--underpinning is not required for a final inspection in rural Rutherford County. However, it you live in a subdivision or municipal limits that require underpinning, that will take precedence.

I am installing gas logs. Do I need a permit?

Yes--but the person who is installing the gas supply line will usually get this.

I am building a sea wall or retaining wall. Do I need a permit?

If you are building or renovating a sea wall or retaining wall, you will need a permit. If you are building a sea wall, you are likely in Lake Lure and, if so, will also need a zoning permit from the Town. A boat house, retaining wall taller than 48 inches, or dock will require an engineered design.

I am only changing my electrical service. Do I need a permit?

Yes--you will need to have this inspected before the power company will begin your service.

I am installing water lines to tap onto a water system. Do I need a permit?

Yes--you will need to have this inspected before the water system will begin your service.

Can anyone get a permit to set up a modular home and sell it?

If you are not a licensed contractor (this includes all the contractors--general, electrical, plumbing, mechanical), you must either be the homeowner and live in the house for 12 months from the completion date or you must obtain a $5,000 surety bond.

I am moving an existing house. Do I need a building permit?


I am wanting to start a day care. Do I need a permit?

Yes. Any newly-started day cares must be classified as to (1) Day Care Home or (2) Day Care Center. A call to our office will explain all necessary requirements and permit fees for inspection.

I am installing underground fuel tanks. Do I need a permit?

Yes. The required pressure test on tanks and piping will require a plumbing permit, as well as an electrical permit for the pumps. A permit is also necessary for above ground tanks.

I would like to have a fireworks display at special events and on certain holidays. Do I need a permit?

Yes. Application should be made to the Fire Inspector's office several days before the scheduled event. The application will include proof of liability insurance, the certification of shooters, date, time, and location.

I am considering starting a therapeutic home, group house, or family care home. What do I need to do?

Any home that has to be licensed by the DFS (Department of Facility Services) needs to contact Raleigh for rules and regulations. A permit is required by our office for inspectors to check for compliance to all building requirements before being licensed.

I am doing water and sewer pipeline in your county. On these projects, we occasionally encounter rock that has to be blasted. Do we need to contact your office regarding blasting permits?

The fire code requires a permit after proof of liability insurance, certification of shooters, date, and time of blasting are given.

I am planning to burn some yard debris. Do I need a permit?

Yes. This permit will not cost any money and you may obtain this permit from your local fire department or you can also get these online. Click on the "Fire Inspections" page to see a link for this.


For general inquiries or permitting questions, you can call or e-mail us at permits@rutherfordcountync.gov.