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Rutherford County Fire Inspector's Office

 (828) 287-6035

Fax (828)287-6338

We are open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and are located directly behind the courthouse at

141 W 3rd Street in Rutherfordton.




The Rutherford County Inspection Department's mission is to assist the public in the protection of life and property by minimizing the impact of fire and potential disasters or events that affect the community and environment.


Fire Inspector:  Joey Turrubiarte


Inspection Schedule

The State of NC requires a routine fire inspection be conducted on each commercial establishment in our jurisdiction.  The frequency of these routine inspections is listed in the following table and the fee for this routine inspection is $50. 


  • Once every year:  Hazardous, Institutional, High Rise, Assembly and Residential except one and two family dwellings and only interior common areas of dwelling units of multi-family occupancies
  • Once every two years:  Industrial and Educational (except public schools)
  • Once every three years:  Business, Mercantile, Storage, Churches and Synagogues



Fire Operational Permit Application - Permit Fee based on valuation of project or minimum of $75


Fire Construction Permit Application - Permit Fee based on valuation of project or minumum of $75


Pyrotechnics (Fireworks Display) Permit Application - $50




To obtain a burning permit online, try the following link:

Burning Permits


Visit your local fire department.


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