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Detective Division

This Department is headed by Lieutenant Jamie Keever.The initial complaints are taken by the Patrol Division. The cases are then forwarded to the Detective Division, Sgt. Marc Duncan reviews the cases and assigns them by solvability and seriousness of the case to the Detectives. The Detectives are responsible for Evidence Collection, Crime Scene Processing, Search Warrants, Interviews and handling the case through Court. Each Detective carries an equal case load while also assisting each other when possible.


Det Sgt. Marc Duncan - Department Supervisor, Administrative Duties, Homicide, Unattended Deaths.



Det. Zachary Atkins – Breaking & Entering, Larcenies



Det. Jimmy Upton  - Fraud



Det. Julie Greene - Child Abuse, Missing Persons, Juvenile Investigations



Det. Adrienne Wallace - Domestic Violence, Missing Persons, Assault



Det. Andy Millard - Breaking & Entering, Larcenies



Det. Brandon Ellenburg - Breaking and Entering, Larcenies



Det. Shane Holtzclaw - Breaking and Entering, Larcenies



Det. Justin McCluney - Concealed Weapons, Sex Offender, Handgun Permits




The Concealed Handgun Permits are issued through the Sheriff's Office at 198 N. Washington St. Monday thru Friday 8:30am until 5:00 pm.


To qualify for a concealed handgun permit you must first complete a handgun class. You can get more information on classes thru Isothermal Community College. After completion of this class you may apply for the permit.