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Interdiction Team


H-101 Sgt. Tim Martin

H-102 Cpl. Matt Owens

H-103 Ptl. Jarret Guffey/K-9

H-104 Ptl. Wilmer Chavez-Perez


The purpose of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office Interdiction Team is to deploy a specialized Criminal Interdiction Team with unique training in the detection of criminal and terrorist activity at strategic locations throughout the county with a concentration of enforcement efforts within the main corridors of the county. This Team shall complement and enhance the overall mission of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office while working in a co-ordinated effort with all levels of government to reduce terrorism and criminal activity. This mission will be accomplished through aggresive detection , apprehension and prosecution of persons involved in the use, transportation and trafficing of controlled substances, and other criminal activities on Rutherford County highways.