Commercial Building Permits

Before purchasing a commercial building permit, the plans MUST BE REVIEWED BY THIS OFFICE. A building inspector and a fire inspector will review these plans to work out any problems in meeting State codes before any work can begin. This may take several days. We require two (2) sets of plans of the project and there is a fee for this review. Please see chart below. Once you have approval from the inspectors, you may begin the process of getting a building permit. Please see this process on the page "Obtaining My Permit."  Your plan review fee will be added into your permit cost.

Commercial Plan Review Fees


The cost of a commercial building permit is $4.50 per each $1,000 of total project cost, plus plan review fees.  Please see the submittal requirements below and be certain we have everything your project calls for.  It will delay your project if you have to come back with more information.

Commercial Building Permit Application

Plan Review Submittal Requirements

Commercial permit fees are $4.50 per $1,000 of total project cost.  

Once you have an assigned building inspector, it is best to talk with him as he will know you, your site, and your project, and can best answer your questions or concerns. Until that time and for general inquiries, inspection/permit requests, or for correspondences related to your permit such as duct testing, penetrometer testing, termite verifications, permit applications, engineering designs, etc., please e-mail us at Please be sure to reference your permit number if you have one assigned.