PART-TIME: These individuals are on a on call basis as needed, along with standard unassigned shifts. They are required to be certified Telecommunicators. They must be 18 years of age, have basic computer knowledge and good typing skills. The applicants must also obtain additional certifications within one (1) year and have the ability to learn new skills and adapt in a stressful fast paced environment.

FULL-TIME: These individuals are usually hired from the part-time staff, but if a full time position is available an applicant may be offered a FT position based on their qualifications, and testing results. The Full Time position  receives county benefits and works a regular schedule, based on the available shifts and needs of the Communications Center. This shift could be a 12 hour day, night or mid-shift.


                                            Application for Rutherford County Emergency Communications Center

911 Applicant

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 911

 Emergency Telecommunicator


Part of our application process is for each applicant to complete a computerized CritiCall assessment that measures underlying skills and abilities a person needs to become a public-safety dispatcher.  An applicant does NOT need any specialized dispatcher/call-taker knowledge or training to be able to read, understand, and answer the questions within the CritiCall assessment. 

  • During the computerized process you will be required to listen to spoken information heard over a headset and then use that information to answer questions or input data.   
  • One of the most important skills needed by a public safety communication’s employee is the ability to make decisions based upon structured rules. During the assessment you will be asked to quickly and accurately indicate which type of agency (i.e., Sheriff, Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Service, etc.) will be needed to respond to the emergency!

Before completing the attached application packet contact Debbie Lattimore for an appointment to complete this assessment which is administered at the:

Emergency Communications Center

153 Sparks Dr.

Forest City, NC 28043

Allow 1-2 hours to complete the assessment 

       Criticall Assessment

Drivers License:
City or Town:
State or Province:
Zip or Postal Code:

(This must be done before filling out application


Application for the Rutherford County Emergency Communications Center 

Emergency Communications Center


Application Documents:

  • Application Coversheet / Checklist
  • Authorization for Release of Personal Information (printed out, and notarized)
  • Application  (filled out completely and printed out)
  • F3 (filled out completely and printed out)
  • Credit History (Free copy – does not require credit score)
  • High School Diploma, GED or High School Transcript 
  • Two or Four year Degree or Certificate (if applicable, not required)
  • Valid Driver’s License, or other form of verifiable identification (ID card issued by federal state, or government agency, passport,etc) 
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • BLET Certificate (if Applicable)
  • DD214 Form if you were in the military (Member 4 Copy)
  • If you list a work number you must also list cell number or home phone number
  • A Brief Handwritten Paragraph explaining why you are seeking employment with this agency must be submitted with completed application.

-A Certified Criminal Records check will be obtained/required from the county in which you attended High School (if not Rutherford County) and must include all names (alias/nicknames, etc.). 

-When listing references you must have valid telephone numbers. 

-Copies of your license, ID, social security card, birth certificate and high school diploma/transcript can be copied at the Rutherford County Communications Center when your application is submitted.  Also, a Notary Public is available at the Communication Center to notarize your application packet if necessary.