Ordinances & Affidavits

Solar Development Ordinance provides regulations for Commercial Solar development.

Solar Development Ordinance
Application for Solar Energy Development

The Land Use Plan is a general guide for development of land in Rutherford County. It provides general direction for county commissions and representatives to base decisions regarding growth and development.

Land Use Plan
The Subdivision Ordinance provides regulations for the division of land in Rutherford County.

Subdivision Ordinance
Subdivision Plat Checklist
NC DOT Subdivision Road standards effective 7/1/06
Variance Application

The Mobile Home and RV Park Ordinance describes the regulations and requirements to develop a mobile home and recreational vehicle (RV) park.

Mobile Home and RV Park Ordinance
The Watershed Protection Ordinance provides regulations for development in a public water supply watershed area.

Watershed Ordinance
Rutherford County Watersheds Map
Application for Watershed Permit
Appendix A: Application Form

The Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance describes the requirements pertaining to building inside the flood hazard boundary.

Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Flood Elevation Certificate & Instruction
Flood Plain Affidavit

The School Zone Protective Ordinance describes the protection required from certain industries seeking to be located near the county's schools.

School Zone Protective Ordinance

The Airport Zoning Ordinance describes rules/regulations pertaining to height limits and zoning in and around the county's airport.

Airport Zoning Ordinance