Planning Commission

The Planning Project Manager is the contact person to provide assistance through the subdivision process. If a subdivision consists of six (6) lots or less, it is considered a Minor Subdivision and can be approved by the staff with a reduced fee of $50. Subdivided land qualifying for an exemption may also be approved by county staff; The Plat Review fee for an exemption is waived. Applicants have 30 days to file the approved subdivision plat with the Register of Deeds. Any plat that does not qualify as an exemption or a Minor Subdivision will need approval from the Planning Commission.


For questions or advice about subdivisions, use the following link to e-mail:

 E-mail the Planning Project Manager

 The Planning Commission is a group of 10 members who meet monthly and review proposed subdivisions. They also make decisions and recommendations of land use Ordinances and matters. The Planning Project Manager schedules and facilitates this process.

 Members of the Planning Commission

  • Mr. Ronnie Harrill, Chairman
  • Mr. Tony Fowler, Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Phil Rogers
  • Mr. John Bittle
  • Mr. Jim Huffstickler
  • Mr. Tommy Holland
  • Ms. Birgit Dilgert
  • Mr. Thomas Bejma

Sitting in on the meetings for advice and consultation is:

  • Danny Searcy, County Planner
  • Aubrey Clay, Project Manager

The Planning Commission meets monthly. For placement on the agenda of a meeting, four (4) copies of the plat must be submitted no later than 10 days before the meeting--usually a Thursday no later than 4:00 p.m. A fee of $200 is also due at that time. The County Planner will inspect the site before the meeting and report on the completed construction along with any discrepancies between the property and County standards. A member of the DOT (Department of Transportation) may also sit in on the meeting if there is a road which may be petitioned for State takeover. The final subdivision plat must be recorded with the Register of Deeds within 30 days of Final approval by the Planning Commission.


The Planning Commission regularly meets on the third (3rd) Monday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Rutherford County Office Building at 289 N. Main Street. Note, this meeting schedule is subject to change depending on holidays or unforeseen circumstances.
The JANUARY 2024 Meeting will be held Tuesday Jan. 16 at 9:00 AM due to the MLK Jr. Holiday on the 3rd Monday.