Patrol Unit

This Department is headed by Patrol Lieutenant Chad Nazelrod.

The Uniform Patrol Division is one of the main backbones of the Sheriff's Office, providing 24 hour patrol of the County, including residences and businesses. The Patrol Officer is the first on any crime scene and is responsible for making decisions for securing and/or investigating. They serve warrants, subpoenas, domestic violence protective orders, criminal and civil summons, answer calls for service and various other duties required by the Public.

A Crew      B Crew

R-413 Sgt.Joshua Padgett

R- 416 Cpl. Ryan Bailey

R-437 Ptl. David Suttles

R-428 Ptl.Mason Jolley

R-429 Ptl. Jeff Lynn 

 R-426 Plt. Derek Deaton

C Crew

R-414 Sgt. Tim Lowery

R-418 Cpl. Andrew Weathers

R-420 Ptl. Jeremy Arnett

R-430 Ptl. Jacob Scoggins

R-423 Ptl. Nathan Ensley

R-427 Ptl. Matthew Searcy

     R-412 Sgt. Allen Hardin

     R-417 Cpl. Ben King

     R-422 Michael Snyder

     R-425 Paul Mitchell

     R-436 Ptl. Caleb Buitron

     R-431 Ptl. Craig Keller

     R-432 Ptl. Jordan Ray/K9

         D Crew

     R-415 Sgt. Jamie Dunn

     R-419 Cpl. Will Stroupe

     R-433 Ptl. Joseph McComas

     R-421 Ptl. Hunter Haynes

     R-438 Ptl. Steven Holland