The Child Day Care Program is a federally and state funded program that provides financial assistance for childcare to those families who qualify. This program has several objectives including enabling parents to maintain full time employment in order to support their family or to participate in job training or education that will help them become employed or enhance their current employment. Child Day Care Services are also provided to children receiving Child Protective Services, if needed to help maintain their placement and safety in their own home. Child Care can also be provided to children in need of early intervention to enhance their development and to aid in the reunification of families whose children are in out of home placements and to prevent children from being removed from their home.

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Do I Qualify?
Is Child Care Subsidy an Option for My Family?
To qualify for the child care subsidy program, a family needs to meet both the situational and financial criteria.

Situational Criteria
You may be eligible to receive child care assistance if one or more of the following situations apply to your family:

     -you are working or are attempting to find work
     -you are in school or in a job training program
     -your child is receiving child protective services
     -your child needs care to support child welfare services
     -if your family is experiencing a crisis
     -your child has developmental needs

Financial Criteria
Most families, including those receiving Work First Family Assistance, are required to pay a percentage of their child care costs based upon their gross monthly income.  The percentage is 10%, if applicable.

The initial maximum income eligibility limits for Subsidized Child Care Assistance changed on July 1, 2019.  Children ages 0-5 and all children with special needs must meet a household income limit of 200% or below of the Federal Poverty Level.  Children ages 6-12, with no special needs, must meet an household income limit of 133% or below of the Federal Poverty Level.  When a family has an increase in income while receiving Subsidized Child Care Assistance for all children ages 0-12, the 85% State Median income (SMI) or below must be met.  During your certification period, if your income increased above the 85% SMI limit for your family size, please report the increase to your child care worker.  Click on the link below to see the chart.

Income Limits for Child Care Services: (There is no fee to apply for daycare services)

For further information contact Kimberly Rhoads at 828-287-6252 or Mandy Toney at 828-287-6290.